It is our mission to provide risk prevention and mitigation services to the Santa Rosa Junior College community, aimed at reducing conditions or practices which may expose the District to human, environmental, or financial loss.

Risk Management’s goal is to protect the District’s assets, which requires a significant commitment, taking all reasonable and practical steps to prevent harmful events and losses, while supporting the educational mission of the college.

Finance and Administrative Services is responsible for assisting the College community with the risk management approach directed through environmental compliance, health and safety and insurance coverage for property, liability, and student injury.

The success and effectiveness of the risk management program relies on everyone’s cooperation, participation and support, to achieve our purpose of making SRJC a healthy and safe environment for all.

This function is responsible to:

  • Develop and implement the District's risk management program in a manner that fulfills the District mission, vision, values and goals while complying with state and federal laws and accreditation standards related to safety and risk management;
  • Procures and maintains liability, property and other appropriate insurance and self insured programs;
  • Oversee insurance, property and general liability programs and serve as the District liaison to the insurance carriers
  • Develops and implements systems, policies and procedures for the identification, collection and analysis-of-risk related information;
  • Educates and trains employees and business associates as to the risk management program, and their respective responsibilities in carrying out the risk management program;
  • Helps to identify hazards and safety issues and implement mitigative or corrective action where appropriate;
  • Assists in processing summons and claims against the District to coordinate the investigation, processing, and defense of claims against the organization; 
  • Actively participates in or facilitates committees related to risk management, safety, and quality improvement;
  • Analyzes data to measure or assess risk and develop strategies; and
  • Provide and coordinate safety trainings

Business Address: 1501 Mendocino Ave, Santa Rosa, CA 95401

Email address: riskmanagement@santarosa.edu

Risk Management is located in the Finance and Administrative Services unit in Bailey Hall on the Santa Rosa Campus.