SIS/ERP (Student Information System / Enterprise Resource Planner) Selection Process 

In order to select an ERP, feedback will be needed from a large number of constituent groups throughout the District. It is the intent of the ERP Steering Committee to make this process as equitable and transparent as possible.

As you may know, our District uses a “home-grown” Student Information System (SIS), which integrates with a large number of third-party applications in order to provide the functionality required by the District. In order to modernize and streamline applications, services, and processes, the District plans to purchase an ERP that replaces our SIS, as well as potentially our HR, Financial, and Financial Aid systems.

Demonstration from Ellucian and Anthology are occurring in March and April, and selection will happen soon after that.

The high-level process will look like the following:

  • Vendor Demonstrations will be attended by designated constituent teams and are open to any District employee that wishes to participate.
  • Demonstrations will be scripted, to maximize an “apples-to-apples” approach.
  • Demonstrations will occur via Zoom sessions, links to the sessions can be found here.
  • Careful time management will be needed to cover the entire script for each session and time will be monitored to keep the process on schedule.
  • Some items may be placed on a list for follow up later with the vendor
  • At the conclusion of each demonstration, participants will have the opportunity to provide feedback through a survey link.
  • When both vendor demonstrations are completed, each evaluation group will meet to:
    • Discuss strengths and weaknesses of each vendor
    • Perform a high-level “gap analysis” to determine if there are any functions that are either not present in the product or are undesirable and if there are existing or reasonable workarounds or third-party solutions.
    • Make a recommendation as to if each vendor is acceptable
    • Make a recommendation as to the preferred vendor
  • The Steering Committee will receive and review the recommendations and feedback and make a recommendation to the President.